Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Social media marketing or digital marketing involves promoting products or services through digital channels to help brands contact potential customers through various communication methods. It is crucial for gathering insightful data on target audience habits and presenting fresh customer engagement approaches. The  social media marketing course in Hyderabad. by Emblix Academy helps people validate their capacity to oversee digital marketing initiatives within an organisation and learn the skills they need to succeed at work.

To familiarise you with the top marketing techniques used frequently in the marketing industry, we teach various social media marketing techniques, from Facebook marketing to LinkedIn marketing. Our job-oriented social media marketing course is perfect for working professionals and freshers.

Overview of Social Media Marketing Course

Social media is the most important part of the marketing platform, allowing brands to promote their products and service to their target audience. As per the report by The Business Research Company, the global social media market grew from $193.52 billion in 2022 to $231.1 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.4%. It is further expected to grow to $434.87 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 17.1%.

The social media market is further driven by rising data usage and the increasing penetration of mobile, tablet, and other mobile devices. The amount of time spent on social media websites rises along with the sales of internet-capable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. For instance, the total number of smartphone devices worldwide reached 6 billion in 2020, meaning that every other person owns a smartphone and may be connected to social media platforms. The market for social media is predicted to be driven by the rising use of smartphones, which is likely to increase internet usage. Moreover, brands seek social media experts who can drive more sales and target audiences through creative strategies.

Emblix Academy is the leading institute for  social media marketing course in Hyderabad.  The course will be taught by some of the top instructors in the business, who are highly qualified and experienced, making for an unmatched learning experience. Numerous hands-on exercises are included in the training on every subject that is addressed. We provide you with training, a year of access to online courses, global certifications from companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, and job placement support. Many of the participants from our past are now employed as digital marketing specialists by various businesses.

Modules Covered under Social Media Marketing Course

Students who enrol in our social media marketing course in Hyderabad will receive training in how to market brands using websites, digital adverts, social media management, email campaigns, etc. Moreover, students will be able to develop new stories, concepts, tools, etc. to develop, promote, and distribute the services and products that are important steps in creating a social media marketing craft and to promote in different platforms. Our syllabus cover-

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Training
  • SEO Masterclass
  • Social Media Masterclass
  • Search Engine Marketing Training
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Platform Marketing Training

Besides training in these areas, our curriculum will cover YouTube Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, and others.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Irrespective of the type of business you are into, digital marketing or social media marketing plays a keen role. Brands can use digital marketing to promote their goods or services and connect with their target market. Although a traditional marketing campaign aims to achieve the same result, digital marketing enables brands to focus on a more specialised or niche market. By interacting with customers online, you can gain the trust of a larger audience. Small businesses can readily implement digital marketing strategies without the assistance of a marketing department or agency, making it very helpful for them.

At Emblix Academy, our social media marketing course in Hyderabad will help you gain insight into the same and prepare you for the challenging but interesting job ahead. Some of the reasons why you take up social media marketing-

  • Affordable-

Organisations value long-term marketing goals and always seek ways to make the most of their available resources. As a result of its ease of affordability, digital marketing has become popular. Companies don’t have to spend much on the targeted marketing process.

  • Access through mobile

Digital marketing makes it possible for marketers to operate remotely. Due to this great mobility, reaching the largest possible number of clients quickly and for the least amount of money is essential.

  • Multimedia

Digital Marketing promotes its products using multimedia channels. If your multimedia strategy is strong, you can connect with your customers through push notifications about your store whenever they are nearby using location-enabled digital marketing.

  • Interactivity

The best feature of digital marketing is that it promotes two-way communication and gives customers a digital platform to interact with the company, its products, and its services.

  • Tracking

By tracking digital marketing, marketing professionals may efficiently analyse their efficacy and tailor promotions and campaigns. Using Google Analytics, digital marketers may gather information and improve their judgements.

  • Influencer Interaction

Influencers are people or things having a bigger social presence to whom the public looks up. Thousands of influencers in different domains carry millions of followers and good reach. The most effective way to interact with and engage these influencers is through digital marketing.

Career Options in Social Media Marketing

Careers in social media are flourishing. The sole position connected to the channel a decade ago was “intern.” Social media experts are currently waiting in queue to join the top position with good package. Navigating a once linear career path may become more difficult due to this rapid expansion. You can now select from a variety of social specialisations, each needing a unique blend of interests and abilities. To choose the best alternative, you must be aware of your possibilities. At present, there is a huge opportunity for newly graduates in social media course and taking up the competition. Our students after completing social media marketing course in Hyderabad gain good position driving with skills required. There are different job positions available in the market today. Some of these are-

  • Social Media intern
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Community Manager
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Creator

You can take up the job that fits with your skills. We train you to understand the insight and according work on the respective job.

Skills Social Media Marketing Course will offer

Social media marketing requires certain skills that can give you a certain sense of confidence. The path to becoming a social media expert is different for everyone. Some people begin their careers in customer service or through internships. Others might even get a master’s degree in social media.

For those interested in a career in social media marketing, these different career pathways open additional opportunities. You don’t have to follow a certain, straight professional path, which may confuse your entry into the field.

  • Industry-Specific Skills

Keeping an open eye on new trends and news is important in social media. You should be aware of your stuff and work according to the requirement. You’ll also need to invest quality time in priority networks to learn what drives engagement patterns. On-the-job browsing may be discouraged in most positions, but it’s essential to developing your skills in social media careers.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is integral to social media marketing, from writing copies for brands to writing emails. Having strong copywriting skills will be very helpful for you to create amazing copy that can attract the target audience.

  • Customer Service

Customers use brands’ public profiles to ask for advice, voice complaints, etc. To handle these requests, those looking for careers in social media must channel their inner customer service agent.

That goes beyond politely and promptly answering comments and direct messages. Given the variable nature of social customer service, you’ll also need to learn how to develop a company-specific escalation management policy to communicate with your team.

What are the Features of Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

When you take up Emblix Academy’s social media marketing course in Hyderabad, you can enjoy the benefit of multiple features including-

  • Real Time Expert Trainers

At Emblix Academy, you will learn from industry experts who are passionate about imparting their knowledge to students. Get Direct Mentoring from the Pros.

  • Live Project

Get the chance to work on real-world projects that will deepen your experience. Increase your chances of being hired by highlighting your project experience!

  • Flexibility

You get Ultimate Flexibility at Emblix Academy. Online or in-person instruction? Early in the day or late at night? Weekends or Workdays? Fast Track or Average Speed? – Choose whatever best fits your needs.

  • Tailored Course Curriculum

All our social media marketing courses are tailored according to the current industry trend. You can learn from the trending concept with easy language and through practical learning.

  • Access to e-learning

Students will receive complete pre-recorded sessions of the training. This will allow students to watch any missing sessions.

What are the Objectives of Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

If you want to start a new career in social media marketing, Emblix Academy, the leading social media marketing course in Hyderabad, will train you to be an expert in the field and get you market-ready right now. You will develop the necessary skills to start and run your social media marketing campaigns through thorough hands-on practice on various simulations and projects. We’ll teach you how to use the latest digital marketing tools and demonstrate how to gather information that will help you define your plan. Some of the objectives are-

  • Help boost audience participation regarding your industry or company.
  • Segmenting the market based on your goods.
  • Increasing brand loyalty and client pleasure.
  • Connecting with your customers personally and understanding their needs.

What makes Emblix Academy worth for Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

Social media field keeps changing, and one must be abreast with the trend. In accordance with the most recent business trends, Emblix Academy offers the best social media marketing course. We make sure that everyone may benefit from the best expert instruction and real-world experience. What makes us the greatest choice for you is as follows:

  • With our live projects, we place a greater emphasis on practical knowledge.
  • Learn from professionals with extensive expertise in the field.
  • You can take additional classes to cover the material you missed.
  • There will only be a small group so that each learner may receive individual attention.
  • Get excellent employment or career support from us.

Get Training of Social Media Marketing Courses in Hyderabad at the Best Institute

You can master the most cutting-edge principles in social media marketing with the help of Emblix Academy, the leading institute for social media marketing course in Hyderabad. Our Training Institute’s practical social media marketing courses guarantee that you use all your social media marketing abilities on real projects and gain practical experience. Through our course, you can examine different social media platforms, strategies, and chances to effectively and efficiently use advanced social media marketing to promote your brand online.

With our distinctive training style, you can research, discover, and learn Social Media Marketing, which consists of dynamic lectures, live Digital marketing case studies, and group discussions. Additionally, during the training process, you can access paid social media marketing tools to hone your brand-building and marketing abilities.

You will thoroughly understand the numerous Social Media Marketing channels and activities needed to create, implement, and manage an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy once you have successfully completed the Advanced Social Media Marketing Course.

Do check out what our students say about our social media marketing course in Hyderabad. It will give you more reasons to join our institute and give your career a new dimension.


1) What are different platforms of Social Media Marketing?

Ans) When it comes to platforms of social media marketing, there are different options available. Some of these are- SEO, SEO crawlers, Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Content Management System (CMS), and Customer Relationship Management Systems.

2) Why learn Social Media Marketing from Emblix Academy?

Ans: Emblix Academy is the leading social media marketing institute offering freshers and professionals a new insight and update them with the latest marketing strategies. Students will be able to learn from industry professionals through live projects and recorded sessions.

3) Who can join our Social Media Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

Ans: Social media marketing course is perfect for-

  • Fresher Seeking a Job in the Market
  • Freelancer looking for more assignments.
  • Working Professional looking for job upgrade
  • Entrepreneur looking for business development.
  • New Startup business looking for business leads.

4) What is the Placement Guarantee?

Ans: Our students receive 100% placement assistance. We frequently get inquiries from businesses looking for individuals for digital marketing. We’ll send our students to the respective company, but whether you succeed in the interview is entirely up to you. None of our graduates are employed by reputable businesses.

5) What is Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital Marketing involves using digital channels to promote brands to reach targeted and wider audience. It is separated into two categories: outbound marketing and inbound marketing. The idea of PUSH & PULL Marketing will be covered in both forms of the digital marketing training programme. Outbound marketing includes push marketing, where you must apply the trial-and-error method to offer any goods. Email marketing, bulk SMS, radio and TV advertisements are a few examples.

In contrast, pull marketing is used in Inbound marketing. You must place paid advertisements on search engines or SEO-related items so that users can locate your website without using a hit-and-miss approach.

6) Why Social Media Marketing is currently an essential part of the career?

Ans: Due to current and anticipated demand, learning social media marketing is vital. Businesses that currently don’t engage in online advertising have shifted to digital marketing. Since the demand is high, companies are also looking for freshers and certified professionals with required skills. In coming years, there will be millions of employments available in this field. Therefore, it is the perfect time to gain these incredible talents in digital marketing so that you can advance your profession to new heights.

From a business perspective, if you are familiar with SEO, social media, YouTube, and paid advertisements, you can update your skills with our social media marketing course.

7) What qualification is required for digital marketing course in Hyderabad?

Ans: There is no specific requirement to take up digital marketing course in Hyderabad at Emblix Academy. You need a basic understanding of computers, excellent judgement, and a desire to study to complete this online marketing training programme. Candidates with work experience in the sector as well as graduates and master’s degree holders are taking this course.

8) What are the job opportunities in Social Media Marketing?

Ans: There are different job opportunities in social media marketing field. From entry level to top level, one can grow effectively. Some of the opportunities are-

  • Online Advertising Executive – If you are a recent graduate, you can begin your career in this field. You’ll collaborate with the team lead and do a variety of duties, including content creation and web research.
  • Online Advertising Specialist – You will be promoted to a specialist position, such as an SEO or PPC expert, after two or three years of experience.
  • Team Leader – After gaining three to four years of experience and becoming an authority in your profession, such as SEO or PPC, you will work as a manager or team leader, such as an SEO manager or a PPC manager. The team will be managed by you in your capacity as manager.