About Emblix Academy

As employers, we understand how difficult it is to find skilled people for various Digital Marketing roles. There is no one to blame except for the lack of a well-designed curriculum and trainers aligned with modern-day developments. Therefore, we have embarked on a mission to address these challenges and help students build successful careers in Digital Marketing. We provide industry-validated courses with certification and hands-on experience with live projects and internships, giving students an edge in the employment market. You cannot know all about Emblix Academy unless you take a walk into our world. If you are serious about making Digital Marketing your career without having the hiccups of uncertainty, Emblix Academy is the one for you.

Founder of Academy

Chaitanya Nandigam is a seasoned digital marketer and tech entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience implementing distinctive strategies globally. As an enthusiastic team player and a skilful project management expert, he has scaled many heights in the digital marketing business and added many feathers to his hat.